The Most Powerful Laptops

The Most Powerful Laptops

The most powerful laptops and the fastest laptop, are ideal devices for creative professionals, especially graphic designers, photos, and video editors. These jobs require the fastest laptop with a powerful component.

A few years ago, you needed a large desktop PC to handle these kinds of jobs. But now, laptop technology has come so far that you can now do all these jobs very easily in a laptop that offers incredible performance while still being portable.

Top 6 Most Powerful and Fastest Laptops

6. MSI P65 Creator Edition

The 6th Most Powerful Laptops on our list is MSI P65 Creator Edition. The 15.6-inch MSI P65 is a slightly different class of high-end laptops. It is definitely a powerhouse with Nvidia GeForce graphics and an optional 6 Core processor.

MSI P65 Creator Edition
MSI P65 Creator Edition

But rather than ultimate colour accuracy, MSI has a best-stored display with a 144-hertz refresh rate which is indeed a lovely feature, but it particularly better forgives on.

Not only the specification but design is great too. This laptop is one of the most lightweight laptops. It has a premium look and feels with its chamfered edges.

Buy this laptop for its great looks and powerful gaming graphics card. This laptop has got a slightly wobbling screen.

5. HP ZBook Studio G5

The 5th Most Powerful Laptops on our list is HP ZBook Studio G5. The futuristic-looking angled edges on the lid and the keys of HP’s professional-looking ZBook Studio laptop befit with an equally good for all users.

HP ZBook Studio G5
HP ZBook Studio G5

The specification features 4 or 6 Core Intel processors and up to 4 terabytes of SSD storage and Nvidia Quadro graphics.

While other high-end mobile workstations have fantastic screens, the 15.6-inch 4K HD dream colour display on the ZBook Studio is possibly the best on any laptop. It offers 100 per cent Adobe RGB coverage and 10-bit colour accuracy, which means visibility of better colours in addition to particularly high brightness levels with up to 600 nits.

This laptop is configurable up to 64 GB of memory if you need it for your work and this may not be the thinnest or lightest laptop on the market, but it’s certainly one of the most high-end laptops you can find in the market.

Buy this laptop for its great screen, the lashings of storage available, and up to 64 GB of memory option. This laptop is slightly chunkier than the other laptops.

4. Lenovo Thinkpad P1

The 4th Most Powerful Laptops on our list is Lenovo Thinkpad P1. The Lenovo Thinkpad P1 is a real star of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop range. It is super-powered with 6 Core Intel Xeon or Core i7 processor.

Lenovo Thinkpad P1
Lenovo Thinkpad P1

This laptop is considerably thinner, lighter with up to 1.7 kg of weight, and more portable than any of the other Thinkpads.

This laptop gives a colour-accurate 4K display that looks particularly bright and vibrant, and it doesn’t add too much to the price over the standard full HD display, and we recommend you go for the upgraded 4K display.

Lenovo has more than one ultra-powerful laptop in its ThinkPad range; it is also worth considering the P72, one of the most powerful laptops. The 15.6-inch 4K mega workstation comes with up to 128 GB of memory, 6 terabytes of storage, and a mega-powerful Nvidia Quadro P5200 graphics card.

Buy this laptop for its 6 Core processor, colour-accurate 4K display. The laptop upgrade may be costlier and the discrete Quadro P2000 graphics slightly limited.

3. Apple MacBook Pro

The 3rd Most Powerful Laptops on our list is Apple MacBook Pro. Apple has knocked it out of the park with its new 16-inch MacBook Pro. It has made the most powerful laptop you can buy right now.

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro

This MacBook Pro is a thin, light, and stylish design that has made it this Macbook Pro range iconic. The fact that included a larger 16-inch screen while keeping the overall size and weight of the new Macbook pro similar to the 15-inch version is awe-inspiring.

When it comes to performance, not much can beat the 16-inch Macbook Pro. In this laptop, you will get some best mobile hardware ever made including the 9th Generation Intel Core processor and the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or 5500M graphics card with up to 64 GB of memory.

This is an ultimate laptop for media editing and creation and one of the best laptops ever made by Apple or anyone.

Buy this laptop for its stunning 16-inch screen, and you will also like its new and improved keyboard. It’s costly, and it has limited to 4 thunderbolts 3 ports.

2. Dell Precision 5530

The 2nd Most Powerful Laptops on our list is Dell Precision 5530. This powerful laptop is of great value and portable too. Dell describes its precision 5530 as the thinnest, lightest, and smallest 15-inch mobile workstation ever made.

Most Powerful Laptops - Dell Precision 5530
Dell Precision 5530

Dell Precision 5530 is available in bright awnings and platinum silver it’s a lovely machine with the brilliant specification. This laptop externally looks great due to its two-piece silver and black chassis. It is available in different choice of Core i5, i7, or i9 Intel processor with 4 or 6 cores.

The Precision 5530 has up to 2 terabytes of fast SSD storage, and unlike many of the slim and light laptops, you can add a second hard disk to give you both a fast system drive with additional internal storage for media.

The Nvidia Quadro 1000 or 2000 graphics card and an optional 4K touch-sensitive display to offer a premium computing experience.

Buy this laptop for its brilliant looks, Nvidia Quadro graphics, SSD plus hard disk combo. The configurable model is limited to intel graphics only.

1. RazerBlade 15 Studio Edition

The 1st Most Powerful Laptops on our list is RazerBlade 15 Studio Edition. The regular RazerBlade laptop is a gaming laptop. But the Razer has taken sheer power and turned the whole thing into one of the best mobile workstations for creatives.

Most Powerful Laptops - RazerBlade 15 Studio Edition
RazerBlade 15 Studio Edition

This is a brilliant laptop aimed at photographers, graphic designers, and video editors in particular with the choice of powerful graphics card along with the stunning factory calibrated 4K display.

This laptop is combined with a sleek design and excellent build quality the RazerBlade 15 Studio Edition proves that the most powerful laptops in the world can be some of the most stylish.

Buy this laptop for its powerful specification and beautiful screen with a portable design. It is a premium, expensive laptop.

If you find this review helpful, and if you’re looking for affordable and most powerful laptops, you can select and buy one from the above list.

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