HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop Price:  $247.49 (as of 01/03/2021 06:26 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop
Google Play Store: The millions of Android apps you know and love on your phone and tablet can now run on your Chrome device without compromising their speed, simplicity, or security
Sleek, responsive design: Keep going comfortably with the backlit keyboard and multi-touch touchpad that supports four finger gestures set in a sleek design for moving from room to room or on the road


HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop

Chromebooks and affordability are two words that have gone together for a long time.

But in 2021, we started seeing more devices at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Manufacturers are still interested in making affordable Chromebooks.

HP Chromebook 14-inch HD laptop is made of plastic from top to bottom, so there’s no aluminium.

That doesn’t mean it feels terrible or cheap, even it’s pretty firm and well put together.

It doesn’t have a lot of flex, and the hinge feels good.

HP Chromebook 14-inch comes with a white chassis, and honestly, it looks great on the table.

The outer parts of it don’t seem to pick up any fingerprints and so far haven’t picked that much dirt either.

The keyboard deck has a brushed translucent white-looking ivory finish.

The build quality is pretty decent, and that continues with the keyboard and trackpad.

HP’s got a track record now of putting good keyboards in their devices.

Every HP device we come across seems to have an excellent keyboard, and this is no exception.

The key travels well, and the click mechanism feels good.

The surface of the trackpad stays nice and smooth, and it’s plastic.

HP Chromebook 14-inch has a decent trackpad, but the click mechanism is just a little stiff.

HP’s done nicely on this device is the port selection.

You get a USB Type-A port on both sides any USB Type-C port on both sides.

This USB Type-C port can be used for charging or display out just like you would expect.

There’s a Kensington lock, a headphone microphone slot a micro SD card slot.

The speakers on HP Chromebook 14-inch are surprisingly loud, and they’re a little bit too heavy in the mid-range.

They sound pretty good with music too.

The base model of this device comes with 32 gigs of storage, four gigs of RAM, and then the AMD A4 processor.

You’re going to be able to browse the internet and do basic Chromebook-type tasks pretty quickly on this device.

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