The Amazing HP 15.6 inch HD Laptop Review in March 2022 Price: $499.00 (as of 01/03/2021 06:24 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

HP 15.6-inch HD Laptop
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HP 15.6-inch HD Laptop

Here is the HP 15.6 inch HD laptop

The laptops are in high demand these days mainly because of the current situation as all of us are working from home.

So if you’re looking for a budget or mid-tier laptop, then the HP 15.6-inch HD Laptop looks like a great choice.


HP 15.6-inch HD Laptop weighs 3.75 pounds, and it is about 0.7 inches thick.

So far 15.6-inch laptop; this is a relatively thin and light profile.

The build quality of the HP 15.6-inch HD Laptop looks based on its price.

Laptop body is made from polycarbonate, and the laptop feels very rigid because HP has a reinforced chassis with an aluminium sheet.

The onboard fan is very quiet, and it does an excellent job keeping the laptop cool.


You will like this laptop’s 15.6 inches screen, which has very thin bezels.

So the bezels are matte black, and they contrast very nicely with the body of the laptop.

This laptop has an LED-backlit IPS panel and its full HD widescreen display.

Screen is the anti-glare matte coating that helps cut down on glares and deflections.

The brightness of the screen maxes out at around 220 nits.

The pictures and videos look bright and colorful, and it’s perfectly adequate for watching streaming videos on YouTube and Netflix.

So overall, I think this is a pretty good display not only for media consumption but also for productivity tasks.


You will have no trouble using this laptop for word processing and browsing the web.


It comes with a 41 watt-hour battery which offers 7 hours of battery life while light weight tasks.


You get a full-sized island-style keyboard with good key travel.

The keys are significant; they are nice and balanced to type.

Keyboard keys offer very nice tactile feedback, and they never feel mushy.

The trackpad is very clicky and offers a smooth surface to execute all Windows 10 gestures.

Additional information

Standing screen display size

Max Screen Resolution

Memory Speed

Graphics Coprocessor

Chipset Brand

Card Description

Wireless Type

Number of USB 2.0 Ports

Number of USB 3.0 Ports

Average Battery Life (in hours)