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The Best and Latest LG Gram 14 2-in-1 Laptop Review 2022

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LG Gram 14 – Touchscreen Laptop July 2022 Review

LG Gram 14 Review, We are going to take a look at LG Gram 14, the 2020 model. It is a very lightweight laptop, and its construction is very professional.

The LG Gram 14 laptop has a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 – 1035G7 processor with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and 512 GB of NVMe SSD.

LG Gram 14
LG Gram 14

There is no dedicated graphic chipset on this laptop, but it does have Intel Iris integrated graphics.

Maybe they eliminated the dedicated graphics as they wanted to keep their weight below 1 kg. At 999 grams. It is the lightest 14-inch laptop you can buy right now. Even Dell XPS 13 weighs more than this.


The display is a 14-inch screen with full HD 1920 x 1080 P IPS. This laptop has a beautiful 16 x 9 display, which is bright and glossy.

The sRGB color gamut is 96 percent, and the nits count is 300. It delivers precise and clear imagery through good color accuracy without any distortion at any angle.

LG Gram 14
LG Gram 14

LG doesn’t use PWM to adjust its brightness levels, which means you can use this laptop for long periods without any eye strain.

Overall, you will be satisfied with the display, and there is a wish that LG could give us high resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio panel for its 14-inch model in the future.


The Core i5 – 1035G7 is a great processor. This laptop works fine for regular usage, but the performance gets lowered if there is a heavy load.

When you open several chrome tabs and run some other apps in the background, you can feel that the keyboard’s upper part gets warm due to a lack of a proper cooling system.

LG Gram 14
LG Gram 14

If you try video editing on this machine, then your experience will not be significant. With such a disappointing processor, the performance of SSD makes up for it with a good read and write speeds.


LG Gram 14 is a classy-looking machine, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when compared with other UltraBooks in its category, especially when you consider what you paid for this laptop.

This laptop has the excellent build quality and can lift its lid hinge smoothly with a single finger. The lid is incredibly flimsy.

You can wobble it around like a piece of cardboard. You can’t expect LG Gram 14 to be rock solid when it weighs less than a kilogram.

A full metal body made from magnesium alloy, used as aircraft material, is lightweight and super strong.

Its durability clarifies by passing the demanding military standard of durability and reliability checks seven factors from shock and dust extreme temperatures as claimed by LG.

LG Gram 14

Although the Gram 14 does look sleek from almost every angle, the bezel surrounding the 14-inch display is a bit chunky. Especially when compared with rival machines like the Dell XPS 13 and Samsung Galaxy book.

LG’s logo sits below the display, and the forehead bezel houses a 720P webcam, which is mediocre. The bottom part of the laptop comprises five rubber feet that prevent the notebook from sliding around.

The overall build and design leave you wanting more, and if you’re looking for a more striking and futuristic design, then you should look as well.

If we talk about gaming, then the news is not great either since there is no dedicated GPU on this machine.

This laptop is not for gaming. There’s one thing where laptop shines is battery life with 72-watt hours power, this laptop will easily last you for a day and more.

The gripe here is charging speed. A full charge takes more than 3 hours, which is excruciatingly slow in 2020. You can power up your laptop with a USB C port as well.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is backlit with chiclet-style keys. It’s a very quiet keyboard and not too much travel. Typing on this keyboard is a real treat.

The keyboard has a touchpad, which is also good, not made of glass, but fingers glide smoothly, and it supports Windows Gestures well.

LG Gram 14

The power button which is the upper right-most key doubles up as a fingerprint reader. It’s reliable and unlocks the laptop instantly every time.


You have the charge port, USB type A 3.2 Gen one port, HDMI port, and a USB type C plus thunderbolt3 port on the left.

On the right, you have a Kensington lock slot, another USB type A 3.2 Gen one port, an audio jack, and a micro SD card reader.

LG Gram 14


The speakers are bottom-firing, and they are average at best. You have the option to upgrade your RAM up to 24 GB.

LG Gram 14 is a fantastic device. Its super-light profile makes it the most lightweight 14-inch laptop on the planet.

The display is good, and the port selection is plenty, and no one can compete with this laptop in terms of battery life.

LG Gram 14


You can carry it around quickly, and it’s the right choice for those who are always on the move. Below average processor and thermal performance is hard to ignore.

If you pay more than $1000, you would expect the laptop to fire from all cylinders, which is not the case here.

LG had to tone down the processor’s performance to meet the low weight goals and limited cooling potential.

Overall this is still an appealing unit, but if you’re looking to get more out of the CPU and GPU, then you should look elsewhere. If you want to spend $1000 or more on a laptop, there are better options.

Specification Table


Final Verdict

LG Gram 14 is the best thin and lightweight laptop. You can carry it around very easily. You can buy this laptop from the above Amazon link as per your need and requirement.

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