Laptop Buying Guide: 9 Essential Tips to buy a new laptop for 2021

Laptop Buying Guide: 9 Essential Tips to buy a new laptop for 2021

In this post, we will see the 9 essential tips to buy a new laptop. Let’s start with Laptop Buying Guide for 2021. Each individual has various necessities, and each laptop focuses on a particular arrangement of buyers. That is the reason for each individual; there are endless laptop options available in the market.

laptop buying guide will help you to pick up an incredibly unique type of laptop for you.

Laptop Buying Guide: 9 Essential Tips

Based on thickness, size and weight, manufacturers of laptops give three convenient names to laptops.

They are

Key Points

Thick laptops are convenient for upgrades, repairs, and replacement of parts. Ultrabooks are stylish and meant for outdoor use, but processors are usually slower to reduce overheating.

Select the one that is best as per your use. You need to find answers to so many questions to buy one laptop that is best suited for you! We need to find one laptop that response fast.

1. Laptop Buying Guide: Speed of Processor

The processor is also known as the CPU. It’s cores threads and generation of the processor. Faster processor loads applications very fast.

i3, i5 and i7 Processor

In the simplest terms i3, i5 and i7 are the three grades of computer processors from Intel. Out of these lowest grade processor is i3 and the highest grade processor is i7. Usually, i3 processors are coming with two core processors, and i5 is coming with four cores.

To know more click: i3, i5 and i7 processor

Advantage of more Cores

The computer can do more tasks at the same time without lagging. In performance, the higher generation processors are better than the old generation processors.

Intel’s 8th generation processors are far better in architecture and performance in comparison with the 7th generation processor.

Ryzen processors from AMD are better than Intel in performance comparison. But Intel continues its hold because of its name. Prefer Ryzen processors, especially for multitasking and gaming. It also saves our money.

2. Laptop Buying Guide: Speed of RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is known as primary memory or temporary storage device. The data first comes in Hard Disk Drive and then from the Hard Disk Drive data is loaded into RAM. Once the data is loaded into RAM, the CPU now can access the data or run the program from RAM.

RAM with the speed 2400 megahertz is usual in the market now. RAM with higher speed needs a high-speed processor. If the processor is slower RAM is better.

At present 8 GB is the minimum recommended RAM quantity while buying the laptops. All laptops are with a second slot that offers RAM up-gradation. If you don’t have the money, you can do the up-gradation later.

laptop buying guide - Random Access Memory
Random Access Memory

3. Laptop Buying Guide: Speed of Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive is a storage device that utilizes a magnetic device to store and recover digital information.

When you want to store the data on your computer, you have two options:

  1. You can go with the old, slow but cheap option called Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
  2. You can go with the newer and faster but more expensive option called Solid State Drive (SDD).

Hard disk drives are at the average speed of 5400 RPM. HDDs with 7200 RPM are also available on selected laptops. Higher RPM is better, especially when the task manager shows disk use 100 percent due to heavy tasks. But higher RPM causes more heat. They are costlier too.

Solid State Drives (SDD) are better than HDD as they are with better boot speed and better speed while loading the programs.

4. Laptop Buying Guide: Laptop Screen or Specs

Find a laptop that gives you the best screen size and resolution. If you need to carry your laptop from one place to another frequently, you must prefer a smaller screen. If you have a plan of playing more games and watch movies, then prefer a bigger screen.

Laptop screen resolution plays a vital role. So when it comes to finding a laptop screen, you should prefer a full-HD screen. 1920 x 1080 screen is the minimum resolution that you need to prefer while buying the laptops. This screen resolution will give you excellent image quality.

Laptop Buying Guide - Laptop Screen
Laptop Screen

5. Laptop Buying Guide: Graphics Card

For general use, we can prefer Intel HD or Intel UHD graphics cards. We need a better graphics card for playing games, editing videos, editing websites, etc. AMD and Nvidia are trusted names in the market.

When you compare the same brand’s graphics cards, see the number, the higher the number is better in performance. U at the end of the number represents all Ultra.

For example, GTX 780 will perform better than the GTX 760. GTX GPUs (NVIDIA) is better than GTS and GT GPUs, especially for gaming. You can go with the newer and faster but more expensive option called Solid State Drive (SDD).

Laptop Buying Guide for 2021 - Graphic Card
Graphic Card

To know more click on: Best Buy Graphics Card

6. Laptop Buying Guide: Cache Memory

We need the minimum cache memory of 6 MB or more than that at present. This memory holds regularly mentioned data and instructions, so they are promptly accessible to the CPU when required.

The cache memory decreases the average time to access the data from the primary memory. Many ignore it while purchasing a laptop and very few websites show this cache memory in the specification list. So take care of it.

Laptop Buying Guide for 2021 - Cache Memory
Cache Memory

7. Laptop Buying Guide: Type C Ports

They offer faster file transfer than others. USB 3.0 ports are standard in recent laptops, and they offer better file transfer speed than 2.0 ports.

Type C connector is small, which means we don’t need to have any more mini USB or micro USB connectors. You can use a type C connector on everything from an android smartphone over up to a server.

You can use a type C cable to charge more than just android smartphones or tablets. In the future, a single cable will help to connect your printer to your PC, to provide it with both electricity and as a data connection.

Laptop Buying Guide for 2021 - type c port
Type C port

8. Laptop Buying Guide: Battery Life

Prefer a battery with more cells when you use the laptop without connecting the adapter or charger for a long time. You can select one battery with fewer cells when you use your laptop’s indoors because it reduces the laptop’s cost very much.

A two-cell battery has two pairs of batteries connected in series. New two cell batteries last for a maximum of 4 hours when we play an HD movie with the lowest brightness, without any background processing.

It means a three-cell battery lasts for 6 hours. The battery lasts much more when we use MS Office or any such programs and much less when we play games or do any other multi-tasking.

Regular batteries may have an average lifespan of 500 cycles or a little more than that. It may get reduced when the battery remains without use for a long time.

Laptop Buying Guide for 2021 - battery

9. Laptop Buying Guide: Brand Name

The brand name that you can trust. HP, Lenovo, and Dell are the brands that are sold widely in India. They offer more service centers too. So you can trust them for their after-sales services.

Apple MacBooks are better known for their quality. But the high cost, lower specifications, different operating systems, etc., make them a less preferred brand in most countries.

Asus laptops are better preferred for games but less preferred for other uses. Dell offers the highest possibility for replacement and repairs, and Lenovo offers the least as they offer custom laptops in all series.

Most companies produce both lower quality laptops and higher quality laptops. So choose a series that is known for its quality. In the case of Lenovo, ThinkPad is the series best known for its quality.

In the case of other series, the higher the number, is higher in quality. For example, IdeaPad 130 is a lower quality product than IdeaPad 220, 230, 310, 320, or any other higher number.

The number above 300 offers a better screen for a good video experience, and the number above 500 offers laptops that can be used even for playing games.

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