Best Windows Laptop Reviews
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Best Windows Laptop Reviews

It is hard to beat the best Windows laptops when you’re looking for powerful portables that won’t break the bank. Thanks to the versatility of the Windows OS and the competitive prices of the powerful internal. These days, many Windows power laptops are giving the rivals ie. Macbooks a good run for their money.

While the best Macbooks may still have preferred by most people for having an attractive operating system, but this Windows-based portable is still winning in terms of power, price, and portability.

Top 6 Best Windows Laptop

6. Lenovo Yoga C940

The 6th Best Windows Laptop on our list is Lenovo Yoga C940. This is the best Windows 2-in-1 laptop from Lenovo. The Lenovo Yoga C940 may have a share of flaws. The battery life in this model has dived, and that soundbar could have been better.

Lenovo Yoga C940
Lenovo Yoga C940

However, it’s an incredible capability edition in the long line of the flagship from Lenovo as there more powerful components inside. As well as some pretty nifty features. Those features include its pen garage on the back. It charges the stylus whenever it is docked.

The keyboard, which is quite comfortable, is also worth mentioning. If you’re looking for a productivity laptop, this is a great contender.

Buy this laptop for its excellent design, great performance with i7 10th generation processor, and Intel Iris graphics, comfortable keyboard with a great display. This laptop is a bit expensive, and it has good battery life.

5. Acer ConceptD 7

The 5th Best Windows Laptop on our list is Acer ConceptD 7. This is the best Windows mobile workstation for creatives. The powerful Acer ConceptD 7 laptop comes with NVIDIA RTX graphics. The NVIDIA RTX graphics can handle complex and demanding tasks such as intensive video editing and 3D design.

Acer ConceptD 7
Acer ConceptD 7

It is clearly designed, especially with creative professionals in mind. It boasts that sheer power. You will only find workstations and gaming laptops. Beyond that, it delivers excellent performance. It also offers a decent port selection, a minimalist solid white design, and that stunning Pantone validated 4KIPS display.

It is also a premium laptop. If you’re looking for a Windows-powered Macbook alternative for creative tasks, then this is the best Windows laptop for you.

Buy this laptop for its soft design, powerful performance, and a good selection of ports. The laptop is not as thin as Macbook Pro.

4. Alienware Area 51M

The 4th Best Windows Laptop on our list is Alienware Area 51M. This is the best Windows laptop for gaming. If you want the absolute best notebook for playing games, you can surely depend on Alienware Area 51M. But be warned, this laptop is a bit expensive.

Alienware Area 51M
Alienware Area 51M

Alienware Area 51M is the startingly powerful Windows gaming laptop that can be equal to 9th generation 8 Core Intel CPU and G4 RTX 2080 graphics. What’s more, it is a beautifully made machine with a superbly sleek and clean design, and you can upgrade this gaming notebook in the future.

This is an investment in future-proofing, but as we noted, it’s definitely an expensive outlay. However, it’s always been the case that if you want the best when it comes to gaming portables, you have to pay for the privilege.

Buy this laptop for its jaw-dropping performance levels, great looking gaming notebooks, and user-upgradeable. It may get a little warm when you use it for heavy gaming.

3. HP Spectre X360 2020 Edition

The 3rd Best Windows Laptop on our list is HP Spectre X360. This is the best Windows Flagship laptop from HP. HP is beloved and highly praised 2-in-1 is back with a vengeance. This time with the more powerful components like the 10th generation Intel Core processor and the Intel iris plus graphics.

HP Spectre X360 2020 Edition
HP Spectre X360 2020 Edition

Of course, that impeccable 2-in-1 design and pristine gem cuts chassis are back. With its security features and bang and Olufsen speakers, that killer combination makes it no more than ever one of the best Windows laptops out there.

This laptop is my personal favorite laptop that I suggest to most of my friends. If you care about aesthetics as much, you do for performance and overall quality, this is the best laptop for you.

Buy this laptop for a stylish and high-quality finish, great all-around performance, and the best built-in security features, which are very useful. It has perfect battery life.

2. Asus Zephyrus G14

The 2nd Best Windows Laptop on our list is Asus Zephyrus G14. This is the best AMD Ryzen powered Windows laptop. Asus Zephyrus G14 may be designed like a gaming laptop, but it’s proven itself a more than capable all-rounder laptop.

Best Windows Laptop - Asus Zephyrus G14
Asus Zephyrus G14

This is the best Windows laptop to deliver incredible performance and has got amazing battery life that will impress you. This is a powerful laptop for productivity or content creation, even can be used for all types of gaming.

It comes with an IPS screen, and the thin and light chassis makes it super portable. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but you have to pay a premium for quality, and if you are an AMD fan, you will certainly appreciate the processor.

Buy this laptop for its best battery life in a gaming laptop, excellent performance, and thin and lightweight design. This laptop doesn’t have a webcam.

1. Dell XPS 15 2020 Edition

The 1st Best Windows laptop on our list is Dell XPS 15. The best Windows laptop overall. The Dell XPS 15 might be incredible enough to tempt mac users, and it’s easily the best Windows laptop it has to offer, and it can be the best laptop even in 2021.

Best Windows laptop - Dell XPS 15 2020 Edition
Dell XPS 15 2020 Edition

It combines staggering power in a stylish thin, and light chassis. This laptop doesn’t hold back when it comes to internals and features that improve the computing experience. Along with other amazing features, it has a gorgeous bright display with 500 nits of brightness, an extremely comfortable keyboard, impressive speakers, and a terrific trackpad.

I’m not saying that this is a perfect laptop available in the market, but in many of the reviews, we have seen that many best reviewers have given 5 out of 5 for this laptop.

Buy this laptop for its amazing speakers, beautiful display, great performance, comfortable keyboard, and thin and light design. It uses GTS 1650 DI for graphics.

If you find this review helpful, and if you’re looking for the affordable and best Windows laptop, you can select and buy one from the above list suiting your necessity.

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