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Top 10 Best Pink and Rose Gold Colorful Laptops to Buy this Year

In this post, we will look at the best pink or rose gold laptops in 2022. I understand what it feels like to have an ugly old laptop. You take this new colorful device with you to school to work or university every single day, and you dread every moment.

Laptops are almost a fashion accessory in the present age. A style statement makes you distinctly you, while laptops now come in varying designs. The pink laptops were traditionally viewed as popular choices with women.

Laptops have come a long way from matte black and traditional silver to more bright, vibrant colors. The rose gold and pink laptops are particularly popular these days. It is primarily for their elegance and charm.

The top laptop developers have currently come up with colorful notebooks for their esteemed customers who seek something extra in their gadgets.

Why not eliminate the old colored laptop and experiment with the color machine that stands out from the rest. In this post, we have combined some of the best options that deliver on both fronts, fashion, and function.

Top 10 Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptops for you in July 2022

10. Daysky 14.1-inch Notebook

The 10th Best Pink or Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Daysky 14.1-inch Notebook. The laptop is 14.1-inches. It is very nice, very sleek, and does have a matte color.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Daysky 14.1-inch Notebook
Daysky 14.1-inch Notebook


It is incredibly fancy, very, very thin, and it weighs only around 5.73 pounds. It’s exceptionally, really, really light.

It offers the power button on the right-hand side. This may come in a little bit annoying for people who type a lot because you’re expecting the delete button to be there. So you have issues with turning off your computer or put in your laptop to sleep by actually tapping the power button in the corner.


It comes with an Intel Jasper Lake processor, which is fast, viewing angles aren’t bad, and it has an excellent keyboard. The body is built with metal, so it’s durable.

Now it may be a little and cute, but it does pack the main punch. It has 12 gigabytes of memory, 2.90 gigahertz of speed, and 256 gigabyte SSD storage.


We found is the camera was above the keyboard. If you’re someone who uses your phone a lot for video calling, then that won’t bother you because you won’t be using this too much. The camera is only 3 megapixels, so don’t expect any excellent quality for videos or even pictures.


This laptop comes with one USB port, and that’s the true reason they send a hub while you purchase because you’re pretty much out of choices when you attach one thing to one device to your laptop.

It does have a micro SD slot, and on the other side, it does have your charging port, a USB Type-C port, and of course, the headphone Jack and a microphone.

Daysky laptop also has Bluetooth, and of course, it connects wirelessly, which is also a plus. It is pretty snappy, and it’s adorable and very, very fast. It is perfect for web browsing.

The setup is easy will take maybe about 10 or 15 minutes. It has a complete Windows 10 Home edition, and it has a free trial version of Office 365.


You might have to be a little bit conscious of it. It takes about 7 or 8 seconds from turning it on to get into the login screen, which is pretty good that has a lot to do with the actual specs of this computer.

Specification Table

Daysky V14S Specification

9. HP Stream 14

The 9th Best Pink or Rose Gold Laptop on our list is HP Stream 14. The HP Stream is an attractive and lightweight 14-inch Windows laptop with a super long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - HP Stream 14
HP Stream 14


It can perform at a reasonable rate for around 8 hours before needing to be recharged long enough to get you through a few college lectures.


This laptop has a 14-inch HD display. The diagonal HD SVA anti-glare WLED backlit screen working with Intel HD Graphics to ensure the delivery of high-definition visuals. A minimal bezel encircles the display for an ultra-wide viewing experience that can work seamlessly with multi-monitor setups.

It comes with office 365 included, has good memory storage, and its HD screen gives a clear picture.


The HP Stream has performance good sufficient for essential productivity and streaming media tasks. Thanks to its Intel Celeron N4020 processor with a 1.1 GHz base frequency, up to 2.8 GHz burst frequency, 4 MB L2 cache, and two cores. This enables to switch between web browsing and more mundane tasks quickly.

It is one of the most significant advantages of the HP Stream is the included full year of Microsoft Office 365 that’s bundled with a 16 GB SD card and a USB LED light.

While access to Office is essential to any work, the 16 GB cards offer an easy way to expand or transfer your mobile device’s onboard memory.

The HP Streams hard drive is upgraded to 64 GB eMMC, providing plenty of storage space for all of your files so that you can store important digital data and work your way through it with ease. This helps to enhance the overall performance of the laptop for business, students, and daily usage.


The HP stream is an excellent choice for those looking for a barebones device with a power-packed performance, great battery life, and daily usable Office software

Specification Table

HP Stream 14 Specification

8. MSI Prestige 14 Pink Laptop

The 8th Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop on our list is MSI Prestige 14 Pink Laptop. The modern minimalist design gleams in a unique pink hue, more than just a pretty face, though. The MSI Prestige 14 is a constructive and original piece of technology.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - MSI Prestige 14
MSI Prestige 14


It’s very lightweight, meaning you can take it with you anywhere without feeling weighed down. It has a long-lasting battery and a mighty six-core processor. This 4.65 pounds laptop is designed using a 180-degree hinge. This hinge can let you lay the screen flat for presentations and other shared experiences. The Prestige series is ergonomic and responsive.

This laptop combines power with stylish diamond-cut edges and a sandblasted texture.

Its never been so easy to share or collaborate since the Prestige 14’s 180-degree screen rotation. It allows you to lie the laptop flat and then flip your screen content at the press of a button.

Now let’s talk toughness, MSI’s always been focused on durability with its laptops, and the Prestige 14 here is no exception. It meets military standard drop tests, but even so, it is very lightweight and highly portable.

The one very cool feature of the Prestige 14 is the intelligent creator center. This all in one control panel gives you easy access to your apps and programs systems so you can make adjustments more easily.

The MSI Prestige 14 in pink is an excellent laptop for creative types with all the tools you need, plus the power and battery life to drive them. Prestige 14 is the laptop that’s going to be able to keep up with your demands.


The screen is alluring and painless on the eyes. It’s a 14-inch screen with ultra high definition 4K resolution, and all your attention will be on that sharp screen thanks to the slim bezel edge.

The screen is sharp, detailed, and beautifully colorful, too, thanks to Adobe RGB’s 100 percent color gamut and true color technology.

This package is designed to significantly capture the details essential to creative types like photographers, video editors and graphic designers, which is appreciable.


The backlit keyboard has just 1.5 millimeter key travel that means you can work efficiently in low light conditions, and the keyboard is comfortable to type on. The hinge design allows you to open it wide and lifts the laptop, giving you an excellent angle for typing.


It offers sophisticated flawless videos and beautiful image quality thanks to the Prestige 14 superb HD webcam. Whether you want to use it to chat online or shoot your videos directly on your laptop, this camera will make you look fantastic.


It is provided with a micro SD card reader for brisk and easily transferring files from your memory card to your laptop, so there’s no end to your creative possibilities. There’s also 2 USB and 2 USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports and a headphone Jack.


The power fast with just 15 minutes of charging, you can get an hour and a half of battery life. This means the Prestige 14 can keep up with even the most on the go individuals.
You will get 10 hours of battery life on a full charge. Your laptop here is going to be ready to respond whenever inspiration strikes you.


The security on a laptop is essential, so the fingerprint reader is ready to keep your files secure. The hyper-responsive smooth glass multi-touch touchpad and Windows Hello lets you log in seamlessly with face or fingerprint recognition. This feature makes for a sign-in experience faster and more secure than a simple password.


It is driven by an Intel Core i7 10710U processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics with Max-Q. The Prestige 14 has superior quality graphics, specialized system modes for content creation, 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 GB SSD, making it an indispensable tool for independent creatives.

The Prestige14 runs the latest Windows 10 Pro, which professionals generally prepare.

You never worry about overloading your memory with 16 gigabytes of RAM. The Prestige 14 can flawlessly accommodate all of your needs, from editing large video project files to gaming, the 6-Core tenth generation Intel core. The i7 processor will ensure top-notch and robust performance.


If visual finesse matters the world to you, you can opt to get the true pixel display that ups the ante tremendously on the display front. It offers a color calibration of Delta-E less than two and a resolution of 4K.

Prestige 14 is a laptop that’s made to keep up with the fast-paced world of design and content creation, making it ideal for bloggers, YouTubers and remote workers or digital nomads.

Specification Table

MSI Prestige 14 Pink Laptop Specification

7. Google Pixelbook Go Pink Chromebook

The 7th Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Google Pixelbook Go.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Google Pixelbook Go
Google Pixelbook Go


The portability is a great advantage with this Chromebook since it weighs only 2 pounds and is ultra-thin.


Display-wise, you get an HD monitor with touch. The 13.3 inches Google Pixelbook Go is a good option for travel-intensive lifestyles.


It is fueled by an Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and 256 gigabytes of storage.


The Pixelbook Go offers up to 12 hours of battery life. Plus, the quick-charging battery can fire up to 2 hours of usage in only 20 minutes.


The 2-stereo speakers bring satisfactory audio, which is suitable for video streaming.


It comes with a specially designed keyboard that deserves accolades for being user-friendly and quiet. It is backlit and equipped with hush keys to let your work noiselessly.


You secure on the run is a Titan-C security chip, antivirus software, and an auto-updating operating system Chrome OS.

Specification Table

Google Pixelbook Go Specification

6. Asus Vivobook S15 Thin

The 6th Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Asus Vivobook S15 Thin. This laptop comes with a rose gold color combined with a purple punk pink color. The result is outstanding; it looks fabulous.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Asus Vivobook S15 Thin
Asus Vivobook S15 Thin


Now, if you do a lot of typing, you will love this laptop because this laptop is perfect for typing and blogging.


The laptop features a four-way nano edge bezel display making it look even better.

So basically, you can use the screen pad for writing using a stylus pen, and you could also use many of the apps Asus provides that work very well with the screen pad.


The specs on this laptop are not bad until it has an Intel 8th generation Core i5 8265U. The GPU is Intel UHD Graphics 630. So it’s Intel’s integrated graphics, and the RAM is 8 gigabytes, and you have a 1080P full HD display, 512 gigabytes of storage, and a Windows 10 operating system.


Thanks to the ergo lift design keyboard, which is made for improved typing position, and you do not have to worry about connectivity options with this laptop.

Where this laptop stands out is that it has a screen touchpad. So basically, it’s like having your phone built into a touchpad.


It features the old and new connectivity options from USB 2 to USB 3.1 to USB Type-C. Another cool thing with this thing is that the screen pad can also be used for writing using a stylus pen and this screen pad also has many uses.


The Asus Vivobook is well known, and it’s proven to be an amazing choice. It is considered a risk-free option to go for, and it has a very outstanding design. Thanks to the rose gold color combined with the punk pink color, it comes with a 15-inch display.

Specification Table

Image Product Specifications Price
Daysky 14.1-inch Notebook Daysky 14.1-inch Notebook Intel Jasper Lake N5095 Processor, 12 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics, 14.1 inches, 5.73 lbs Amazon
HP Stream 14 HP Stream 14 Intel Celeron N4020 Dual-Core Processor, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, 128 GB Storage, Intel Integrated UHD Graphics 600, 14 inches, 4.47 pounds Amazon
MSI Prestige 14 MSI Prestige 14 Intel Core i7 10710U Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia Geforce RTX 1650 Max-Q Graphics, 14 inches, 2.84 pounds Amazon
Google Pixelbook Go Google Pixelbook Go Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics, 13.3 inches, 2.38 pounds Amazon
Asus Vivobook S15 Asus Vivobook S15 Thin 8th generation Intel Core i5 8265U Processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 630, 15.6 inches, 3.97 pounds Amazon

5. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The 5th Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


The design on this laptop is clean and elegant, and it weighs only 2.7 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around.

This laptop features a sandstone color, but it looks very close to rose gold. This laptop looks and feels like a luxury laptop, as Microsoft is killing it with a line of Surface Surfaces.


This laptop features a 13.5-inch screen. What separates this laptop from the rest is that it has a full-touch display.


This laptop features Intel’s CPU technology that has Intel 10th generation Core i7. What’s amazing with the 10th generation Core i7 is it comes with Intel Iris Plus graphics.

It also features 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 13.5-inch 1080P full HD display and 512 gigabytes of storage, and Windows 10 as the operating system.


It nails anything you would want to do on a laptop, and it has a fantastic keyboard and trackpad.


It has all the newest connectivity options, and the battery life is outstanding. You get 11.5 hours of battery life.

If you always forget charging a laptop like me, this thing includes a fast charge feature that charges it up to 80 percent in one hour.

So that should save you if you wake up in the morning and remember that, oh no, I forgot to charge my laptop.


If you love art and you love to draw and sketch your ideas on the laptop, this will be the best choice for you because you have based my course on a stylus pen which you can use to draw on the full touch screen.

Surface Laptop 3 is a very good option because it uses Intel’s most recent 10th generation CPU. This overall is a solid laptop from Microsoft.

Specification Table

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Specification

4. Razer Blade 15 Quartz Pink Edition

The 4th Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Razer Blade 15. If you haven’t heard of Razer before, these are the world leaders in gaming laptops.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Razer Blade 15
Razer Blade 15


They are known for their extremely high-performing laptops, which are built very well. If you want the true pink color, this is a pink as it gets. It’s your best option if you love pink, and it’s the best gift if you know someone who loves pink.


It features a 15.6-inch 1080P full HD 144-hertz gaming monitor. The 144-hertz monitor allows you to see 144 frames per second rather than just 60 frames per second. The screen allows for a very smooth viewing experience as you see twice the amount of frames.


Suppose you need a laptop that can do everything and you want the best performance. You can get out of a pink laptop; this will be your best solution because it has beastly specs allowing it to handle the newest games.

The CPU is an Intel 9th generation Core i7 9750H. It uses an RTX 2060 GeForce graphics card and has 16 gigabytes of RAM.


The added amazing pink color and the ultra-thin bezels make the laptop look premium. The security on this laptop is biometric, meaning you can unlock your laptop using facial unlock and authentication with the built-in webcam and IR sensing.


The storage is 512 gigabytes, and the operating system is Windows 10. If you are into photo editing or video editing, gaming, 3D modeling, or any other program that needs a beast of processing, this will work very well.

Specification Table

Razer Blade 15 Quartz Pink Edition Specification

3. Apple MacBook Air

The 3rd Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Apple MacBook Air. We have the Apple MacBook Air Rose Gold edition. This is the stunning Apple MacBook Air.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air


It is one of the world’s best-selling laptops. It’s built with Apple’s outstanding quality. You can expect a product that is built to last throughout the years.

You get the additional support of Apple’s App Store, which you wouldn’t be able to get on Windows. So if you love convenience, ease of use, and high quality, this will probably be your best option.


The machine has a stunning 13.3-inch retina display with a true tone, so you get to enjoy the stunning visuals on this laptop. You also get to enjoy ultra-thin bezels in this masterpiece. The display on this laptop features 2560 x 1600P.


You also get Intel’s 8th generation Core i5 processor, and you get Intel’s UHD 617 graphics. The RAM is 8 gigabytes, and you get 256 gigabytes of storage with the Mac operating system.

It uses Apple’s Touch ID to get into the laptop, meaning use your fingerprints to get into a laptop.


Apple’s laptops are very pleasing to the eye, and it performs incredibly well without any compromise. The only downside with Apple is you pay a lot for the brand name but let’s be honest; it is well worth it.

If you want something that is tested and something that has been at the top for decades, this will be your best option.

Specification Table

Apple MacBook Air Specification

2. Apple MacBook Pro M1

The 2nd Best Pink or Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Apple MacBook Pro M1. The MacBook Pro is becoming one of the most capable laptops as far as video editing and photo editing are concerned because of the M1 processor or the M1 chip.

Apple MacBook Pro M1
Apple MacBook Pro M1


It is lightweight, and the affordable form factor is also setting. So 13-inch MacBook has a display that is 2560 x 1600 pixels as far as the resolution is concerned. You do get quite a large amount of brightness on this. so you do have 500 nits of brightness which pops the display completely.

Now the M1 chip was launched by Apple as the first apple silicon chip, and it has already surpassed a lot of Intel-based macs. It completes in blows with some of the other high-end machines as well.

You get an adapter of a 61-watt charger for the MacBook Pro 13-inch, and then you get a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. This is a 2-meter cable. You can also buy separately an extension for the adapter or if you want to elongate your charger more.


It’s an IPS display, so your colors are sharp and the overall text is also really sharp. Whether you are looking at videos or photographs or editing stuff the screen is more than capable of all of those things.

If you look at it at first glance, it seems like any other MacBook Pro, and it should because concerning design, nothing has changed. On the front of the device, you do have the apple logo sitting in the space grey color.


If you open this up, you’ll get the new style keyboard. I have to say that the keyboard is quite a lot more tactile than my last-generation MacBook Pro 15-inch. So definitely an improvement in the keyboard, which has been selective with MacBooks in the past.

When you lift the screen, the MacBook is on, and that is something that you don’t get to experience unless you know it. So what happens is that in most cases, you won’t realize how quick this is.


You have the two USB Type-C ports as far as ports are concerned. These are all Thunderbolt ports so that you can use thunderbolt accessories. You can also do a sort of breakout where you can get a hub to convert that into one of the multiple ports. On the right side, you do have a headphone combo Jack and no other ports.

Touch ID

This one, it seems, is fixed as far as that is concerned, at least at the first impression that I can tell you. You get the touch bar in the MacBook Pro 13-inch, and it’s pretty handy for jumping between tabs. Another exciting aspect is the touch ID sensor with a more matte black touch ID sensor.

You don’t need a power button, so initially, the touch ID sensor was the power button this time around. You use it as a fingerprint sensor, so are you still get a face time HD camera, so it’s a 720P webcam on other devices above the display in the bezel. It’s pretty well hidden, but you can see it from an angle if you look at it.


The battery life of this MacBook is superb.


You also get the green light up whenever the cameras are turned on, which is typical of apple and its devices. You do have a better microphone on this, so if you’re doing many video calls from home, you can use the inbuilt microphones, and they sound excellent.


Also, the speakers, even though it’s a skinny strip of speakers, they say impressive.


If you’ve not used a MacBook in the bust, you won’t learn how much time this saves because you can argue with the fact that in one segment.

You don’t need an instant-on, but if you’re switching and doing something quick, you will understand that this is luxury, and this is something that, at least as far as I know, no other laptop is a full-fledged laptop can do, and that is impressive.

If you want to search for something, it’s almost like your smartphone. Some other benefits are, of course, that all things work quickly in this you want to jump between applications it’s imposing.

So overall, this is a pretty fantastic package. Apple’s new glass trackpad is rather large and comfortable to use.

Specification Table

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Specification

1. Dell XPS 9370

The 1st Best Pink or Rose Gold Laptop on our list is Dell XPS 9370. The Dell XPS laptop series is becoming increasingly popular and is one of the most sold laptops since 2019.

It won the CES 2019 innovation award. They have amazing design aesthetics mimicking the look of the Apple MacBook Air.

Best Pink and Rose Gold Laptop - Dell XPS 9370
Dell XPS 9370


But with a twist, the rose gold version of this amazing laptop has to be one of the best-looking rose gold laptops out there.

They combined the rose gold color with white carbon fiber on the inside of the laptop. The Arctic white and rose gold go so well together.


They make it look outstanding, and adding to the amazing visuals of this laptop is the 4K display. This 4K display packs 8 million pixels which ensure very vibrant colors. You get an ultra HD quality while also getting a sleek, thin laptop that performs outstandingly well.


It also has ultra-thin bezels, so this laptop features an 8th generation i7, and the GPU is Intel UHD graphics 620.

This XPS 13 comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM, and the display is a 13-inch 4K ultra HD display. It is provided with a 256 gigabyte SSD, and the operating system is Windows 10.


Getting into a laptop features a fingerprint reader, which grants you easy, quick access and guarantees that no one can tamper with your laptop.

They also have what Dell calls the killer wireless channels. These make sure that you get the best Wifi speeds possible, and this laptop also features fast charging.

Specification Table

Dell XPS 9370 Specification
Image Product Specifications   Price
microsoft surface laptop 3 Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 10th generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel Iris Plus Graphics, 13.5 inches, 2.7 pounds Amazon
Razer Blade 15 Razer Blade 15 9th generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 Graphics, 15.6 inches, 8.93 pounds Amazon
Macbook Air Apple MacBook Air 8th generation Intel Core i5 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel UHD 617 Graphics, 13.3 inches, 4.29 pounds Amazon
Apple MacBook Pro M1 Apple MacBook Pro M1 8 Core Apple Processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 8 Core Apple Graphics, 13.3 inches, 3.0 lbs Amazon
Dell XPS 9370 Dell XPS 9370 8th generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 13.3 inches, 2.68 pounds Amazon

Final Verdict

Recommended Best Pink or Rose Gold Laptops are Dell XPS 9370 & Apple MacBook Air. Other laptops on this list are also great. You can select and buy one from the above Amazon link as per your need and requirements.

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That’s our Best Pink or Rose Gold Laptops buying guide; hopefully, you found it helpful. Thank you so much, guys, for reading this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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