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Best and Amazing Macbooks to buy Review in Aug 2022

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In this article, we will be going to see the best Macbook you can buy in 2022. We’ll look at the different types of Macbooks and which would suit you best based on their specifications, looks, performance, and price. In 2020, Apple recently released its brand new MacBook Air.

Mac Air with M1 chip
Mac Air with M1 chip

So now we will be giving you detailed information about the complete lineup of Macbooks. The Macbook Air starts in the range of $1000. The base 13-inches Pro begins at $1300, the higher-end 13-inch Pro for $1800, and the 16-inches MacBook Pro for $2400.

Best and Latest Macbook to buy in Aug 2022


The new 2020 Macbook Air weighs just 2.8 pounds, lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and weighs less than 16-inches. The Mac Air is as big as the 13-inch Pro. So portability should be pretty similar, and the 16-inch Pro is much larger than the rest.

Macbook Design

The Air design hasn’t changed since last year. It still has some carved wood compared to the flat surface features of the MacBook Pros. These MacBooks have a high-quality retina resolution display, but the Air’s display isn’t as great. It’s a bit dimmer than the Pros.

The Mac Air has an unparalleled 500 nits of resolution. It’s not as shading precise since each Mac Pro has a P3 wide shading range with around 25 percent more tones and 100% sRGB, which is an unquestionable requirement have for photograph editors.

Macbook Display Sharpness

They all have around the same retina quality, 227 pixels per inch. Each Mac in the range features True Tone technology that adjusts the display’s white balance to the environment around you. The 16-inch Pro has the most significant advantage of having smaller bezels than the other MacBooks, so it looks better.

Macbook Speaker Quality

Speaker quality and volume are a huge deal for some users as we know that the 16-inch Mac Pro has by far has the best speakers. One interesting point is that the Mac Air speakers are slightly worse than those on the 2019 model, but they’re still better than most Windows laptops.


The 16-inch Pro and the new 2020 Mac Air have the latest magic keyboard compared to the 13-inch Mac Pro models’ butterfly keyboard. There is a severe ally of the difference between the two. You get so much more key travel, and you get a much better typing experience with the new magic keyboard.

Mac Pro 16 Keyboard
Mac Pro 16 Keyboard

The Mac Air’s keyboard is a little more comfortable to type than the Mac Pros. Every Mac in the range has a Touch ID sensor built into the power button for convenient sign-in. We can use Apple to pay online and install apps off the web without entering your password.

However, every MacBook Pro comes with a touch bar and all the display that replaces the keys’ top row. Many people don’t like this feature because it’s more disturbing to adjust display brightness and volume.

The 16-inch Pro comes with an escape key that is convenient for programmers or other users. Fortunately, the MacBook Air now comes with a Quad-Core processor.


Every Mac supports the Thunderbolt 3 port, but both the 13-inch Air and lower MacBook Pro only have two of these ports compared to four on the more expensive Pro.

If you’re an essential user who doesn’t connect to external displays or plugin external devices very often, you’ll probably be okay with one of the two-port models. If you need more ports, you also have the option of purchasing a thunderbolt3 hub.


If you love large trackpads, the 16-inch Pro has the most prominent one, followed by the 13-inch Pro and then the Air with a slightly smaller trackpad.

Battery Life

The 2020 Mac Air matches the battery life of the 16-inch Pro and exceeds 10 hours in the 13-inch Pro models.


The 2020 Mac Air now has a $100 Quad-Core option, which we recommend for everyone interested in the Air. The 13-inch Pros get even faster Quad-Core CPUs. The 16-inch Pro gets six heads can upgrade to eight charges if you’re willing to spend another $300.

The new 2020 Air has the highest single-core score, even higher than on the 16-inch Pro. Because it’s the first Macbook with an Intel 10th generation processor, which shows it’s great for simple tasks.

Looking at multi-core performance, the Mac Air is finally catching up to the 13-inch Mac Pro. The 2020 Macbook Air has only one fan, just like on the $1300 MacBook Pro.

The more expensive MacBook Pros have dual fans to perform better for more extended workloads.

The single fan on the $1300 Pro didn’t limit performance like we thought it would. But the 2020 Air performed way worse than expected because of the fan and not being attached to the heat sink, and a 16-inch MacBook Pro is by far the best.

Graphics Performance

The 16-inch Pro destroyed the rest of the Macbooks. Surprisingly the graphics on the 2020 Air performed well because of the new graphics chip in the 10th generation Intel CPUs. The 16-inch Pro is a winner. The value of graphics power, but the new Air 2020 vision is not far off.

Gaming Performance

Amongst all, the 16-inch Pro is the best for gaming.


The $1300 Pro comes with only 128 gigs of storage. You have to pay $1500 to get a model with 256 gigs, and for that reason, the Air is quite a bit faster in terms of writing speed even quicker than on the $1800 13-inch Pro, but the 16-inches Pro wins because of its base 512 gigabyte SSD.

Reach Speed

The $1800 Pro is quite a lot faster, with the 16-inch Pro being the clear winner.

Now let’s see which MacBook you should buy as per your specific usage.

The 2020 Mac Air with the Quad-Core CPU for $1100 is now the best choice unless you’re going to use it for heavy tasks like video or photo editing all of the time. If you do a little productivity work, the Air might not perform well for long-term studies, but it will still do the job.

It is very snappy for light tasks. Of course, the main benefit is the lower price of $ 1100 and double the storage space than the $ 1300 Pro. The newly updated Magic Keyboard is much more reliable and offers 20 percent longer battery life in the Air than the 13-inch Pro.

Suppose you do a lot of productivity work like video editing.

Macbook Air 13
Macbook Air 13

In that case, the 13-inch Pro is an excellent choice because the cooling system is a lot better, and not only that, but it packs a brighter and more colour-accurate display for things like photo editing. The only downside is that you have to deal with the butterfly keyboard.

The $1800 13-inches Pro is in a tough spot because honestly isn’t that much more powerful than the $1300 Pro. It has a few luxury improvements like an extra two thunderbolt3 ports, faster SSD speeds, an additional cooling fan, and better speakers.


I will honestly tell you to ignore the $ 1800 Pro and buy a 16-inch Pro instead of a new feature. It has unique features like a 512 gigabytes magic keyboard based on SSD and many other functions. It is the best MacBook Pro if you have the budget to spend on a MacBook. It’s just superb.

Best MacBook to buy in 2022

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Final Verdict

Recommended Best MacBook is MacBook Pro 16. Other MacBooks on this list are also great. You can select and buy one from the above Amazon link as per your need and requirements.

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