Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard

Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard

The laptop always being around us helping in either completing our projects or becoming a source of entertainment. All the leading brands have started offering the best laptop with a backlit keyboard.

Its credit goes to the habits of hustlers who burn the Midnight Oil for achieving their goals. If you are looking for the best laptop with a backlit keyboard, you will get an answer for all your search after reading this post.

After proper search and research, we’ve selected the five best laptops with a backlit keyboard. Also, we will help you choose the best-backlit keyboard based on their top vital features.

List of 5 Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard

5. Acer Aspire 5

The 5th Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard on our list is Acer Aspire 5. Not all people have deep pockets to buy an expensive laptop, so this is where laptops like the Acer Aspire 5 comes in. It’s a beautifully designed laptop with an affordable price range.

Acer Aspire 5
Acer Aspire 5

This laptop comes with the latest generation processor with an abundance of SSD storage capacity. It gives you all the features and functionality which you dream of with a pocket-friendly laptop.

Along with the backlit keyboard that all the models listed here have, a full-size keyboard includes a ten-key number pad. The laptop’s keyboard feels quite comfortable while typing thanks to the ergonomic structure of keys with proper space and critical travel distance.

Along with fantastic performance, this laptop also offers a remarkable battery life of up to 9.5 hours with regular usage. Although it’s a 15-inch laptop, you’ll face no issue to take it with you anywhere you want. The main advantage of this laptop is it is durable and portable for daily use.

4. Asus VivoBook Pro

The 4th Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard on our list is Asus VivoBook Pro. For those who need to have a super budget laptop with a backlit keyboard, the Asus VivoBook Pro will undoubtedly draw your attention from all the other laptops available on our list.

Asus VivoBook Pro
Asus VivoBook Pro

For those looking to buy the best value for money laptop, which also comes with a backlit keyboard, this model from Asus will undoubtedly draw your attention from all the competitors mentioned in the list.

The mesmerizing 17.3-inch full HD wide-view display lets you enjoy your favourite movies and games with a more incredible experience. However, we praise the processor, RAM, and the perfect storage combo of 256 gigabyte SSD plus one terabyte hard drive.

The port selection possesses USB C Gen 1, USB 3.0 type A, USB 2.0, and the headphone microphones for all means of connectivity.
The laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce Annex 150 dedicated graphics card with 2 gigabytes of memory. The GPU can achieve around 65 frames per second with games as CS go. But when it comes to games like GTA 5, it hardly reaches 45 frames per second.

The laptop will be less portable credit goes to the large screen size. It weighs around 4.6 pounds which is roughly 2 kilograms. Along with it, you can expect the laptop to offer an excellent battery life of 6 hours with one charge.

3. Apple MacBook Air

The 3rd Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard on our list is Apple MacBook Air. Although this is a 13.3-inch model, you always have a choice to buy the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The 13.3-inch retina display takes the overall computing experience to the next level and shields your eyesight from getting weak.

Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air

The combination of 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes fast solid-state drive storage makes it a beast to handle all-day computing tasks like creating animated videos, working on Photoshop, and much much more.

The new MacBook Air comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left side and comes with a headphone Jack placed on the right side of the laptop. It’s better than the previous model of the year, which used only to have a single USB type C port.

2. LG Gram 15

The 2nd Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard on our list is LG Gram 15. The LG Gram 15 is lightly built laptop from LG, which comes with an impressive display and a long battery life.

Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard - LG Gram 15
LG Gram 15

The chassis of the laptop is quite slim and weighs around 2.4 pounds. Since it’s a kind of ultra-portable machine, you might also expect it to be fragile. The design of the laptop is fantastic and perfect to match the standards of modern-day requirements.

The battery life perfect, and you can use this laptop for around 16.5 hours of backup with mixed usage.

The laptop’s keyboard comes with a nice backlit LED, and it’s exceptionally comfortable to use. The keyboard gives you the choice of 2 degrees of lighting.

The processor comes with a powerful Intel i7 8550U processor to deliver a lag-free computing experience. In combination with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte SSD, the processor enhances the overall system speed.

1. Dell XPS 13

The 1st Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard on our list is Dell XPS 13. The Dell XPS 13 is one of the premium laptops of the XPS series. Thanks to the perfect hardware combo and classy design, it looks chic and delivers unmatched performance compared to other competitors on the list.

Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard - Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 is one of Dell’s most expensive models, which comes with a backlit keyboard on our list.

The Dell XPS 13 is power by a sturdy Intel core i7 8550U processor, 16 gigabytes of LP DDR3 RAM, and one terabyte PCIe solid-state drive. The laptop is good to go for professionals who require both power and portability.

This laptop might not be ideal for gamers because of an Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card. The GPU can only run games like PUBG G and Fortnite at 30 frames per second.

The 13.3-inch 4K Ultra HD display gives you a wild look, and the best part is a touch display. For those looking to buy a laptop that comes with backlit keyboards, it’s going to help you a lot while working in low light conditions.

It’s a great portable and durable laptop with a beautiful display. But you can buy this laptop only if you have a decent budget.

If you find this review helpful and looking for an affordable and the best laptop with a backlit keyboard this year, you can select and buy one from the above list, which suits your need, usability, and budget.

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