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Top 5 Best Laptop Brand in the World in 2021

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In this post, we will be looking at the top 5 Best Laptop Brands in the market today as per the market share.

Top 5 Best Laptop Brands in the World in October 2021

5. Asus

The 5th best laptop brand is Asus. One of the best laptop brands for making laptops. Globally the market share of Asus is 6.7%. These laptops have gone to space too. Asus Vivobook and Zenbook series are very popular.



They are doing many experiments with their laptop, which makes them different from others

For gamers, this famous brand has made ROG, i.e. The Republic of Gamer Series. Zenbook and Vivobook is Delux series. ROG series is for gaming.

For netbooks, they have Ebook series. Asus is making a laptop for every customer based on their needs. It’s a value-for-money laptop.

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4. Apple

The 4th best laptop brand is Apple. The market share of Apple is 8.5%. The popular laptop of Apple is MacBook. There are three types of MacBooks in the market. They are MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, which are very popular.



Their looks are premium and stylish with Mac OS, which is very popular.

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3. Dell

The 3rd best laptop brand is Dell. It’s an American-based company. Its market share is 15.6%. They have made a different series of laptops for different users.



For Ex.: They have made Inspiron series for everyday users, XPS series, performance-based series, Latitude and Vostro series for business users, and Alienware series for gamers.

Dell provides the best After-sales service globally.

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2. HP

The 2nd best laptop brand is HP. The market share of HP is 24.8%. It’s an American-based company. HP’s are making laptops for years. It has good brand value. This laptop has a stylish look and different varieties like 2-in-1 laptops and premium-looking laptops like HP Spectre X360.

Best Laptop Brand - HP


For business, HP has Elite and Probook laptops. These laptops are popular for speed, power, and security. Mostly touch screen laptops from HP are more popular worldwide.

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1. Lenovo

The 1st best laptop brand is Lenovo. The market share of Lenovo is 25%. Lenovo is a Chinese company. They make laptops for all types of users. Lenovo laptops have excellent build quality.

Best Laptop Brand - Lenovo


For business, Lenovo Thinkpad is a suitable option. These laptops are somewhat cheaper than other laptops.

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Final Verdict

Lenovo is the world’s number one brand for laptops as per the market share. You can buy a laptop of any 5 brands from the above Amazon link as per your need and requirement.

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