Best Buy 17 inch Laptops in 2021

Best Buy 17 inch Laptops in 2021

If you’re a fan of large engaging displays, then getting the best buy 17-inch laptops might be one of the best decisions you will make. These laptops make excellent associates for creative professionals like filmmakers, photographers, editors, and animators. They are also loved by anyone who enjoys immersive multi-media experience gaming larger than life imagery.

We’ve listed down the top 10 best buy 17-inch laptops and their key features, plus the things to consider to help you choose the best one for you. Whether streaming online education or working with multiple spreadsheets at a time, 17-inch laptops are the ultimate productivity machines.

At the same time, the 17-inch notebook has historically known for being large and clunky. The recent trend towards thin bezels has reduced the overall footprint of these machines.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops You Can Buy

10. HP Envy 17

The 10th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is HP Envy 17. The HP Envy 17-inch laptop comes with an 11th generation processor.

HP Envy 17
HP Envy 17

At a sub $1500 price, you get a 17-inch full HD touchscreen display, 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor. You also get other features like an entire purpose backlit keyboard and extensive options for device connectivity. If you are scouting for an all-purpose 17-inch laptop, it doesn’t get any better than this. This laptop is equal to the highly customizable processing configuration. You have a choice to opt for 12 gigabytes of RAM and up to one terabyte of SSD storage.
Additionally, you can also avail of an optional second optical drive up to one terabyte hard drive. While your budget and requirement will dictate this choice, you should find the minimum setting responsive and speedy enough for everyday usage. The higher settings will become essential for processor-draining pursuits like image editing. Notably, this is not a lightweight machine. It weighs around 6.2 pounds. This is well within the portability standards for laptops in this class, and it has a thickness of 0.89 inches. The device support offered by this laptop is ample. It has two USB Type-A ports, 1 USB type C port, HD webcam, and a multi-format digital media reader, and 1 HDMI port to plug in external displays. It also supports wifi and Bluetooth.

9. Razer Blade Pro 17

The 9th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is Razer Blade Pro 17. The most powerful 17-inch laptop. The Razer Blade Pro 17 is among the most powerful 17-inch gaming laptops you can purchase in 2021.

Razer Blade Pro 17
Razer Blade Pro 17

It is packed with intuitive features like facial unlock, perkily backlit on the keyboard, and efficient heat dissipation mechanisms. Processing-wise, this laptop is powerful with the Intel Core i7 10th generation processor, 16 gigs of RAM, and 512 gigabytes of SSD. This is adequate even for demanding triple-A games. Leading the multi-media department is an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Max card. The smartest thing the Razer has done here is to maintain a robust, reasonably lightweight chassis in this high-powered device. The CNC aluminum bodies both durable and attract you and the perfect combo for new gamers. On the display front, you can enjoy a refresh rate of 300 hertz and a color gamut of 100 percent sRGB. Also, since the matte screen is factory calibrated, you tend to realize better color accuracy and immerse yourself in all the details of the rendered imagery. Ultimately, this is a great gaming laptop that is powerful enough to fulfill all your gaming needs.

8. LG Gram 17

The 8th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is LG Gram 17. The best lightweight 17-inch laptop. The 17-inch LG Gram is for those who mean severe and heavy-duty business.

LG Gram 17
LG Gram 17

Look at the excellent specification. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 10th generation processor, 16 gigs of RAM and one terabyte of fast SSD storage, and a battery that can run on a single charge for 19.5 hours. This laptop comes with a WQXGA display that offers an excellent resolution. It also has an IPS panel to support comfortable viewing from various positions. A bonus feature of this device is its four columns numeric keypad. This is helpful for anyone who needs to crunch numbers for a living, from data entry professionals to mathematicians. Although, this is such a stalwart when it comes to the screen size and power. LG has ensured a high degree of mobility. This laptop weighs nearly around 5 pounds, and it measures 0.7-inch thickness. It also has an in-built Thunderbolt 3 port that supports rapid charging and quick data transfer.

7. Alienware M17 R3

The 8th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is Alienware M17 R3. The best 17-inch gaming laptop. For the hardcore gamers out there who have an excellent budget to spare, the Alienware M17 R3 is the best 17-inch gaming laptop that you get.

Alienware M17 R3
Alienware M17 R3

The unique design and the heavy-duty gaming experience make this device an option worth every penny you spare. This is touted as the world’s most powerful and overclockable gaming laptop. This is also one of those rare gaming laptops from Dell packed with the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor that allows an effortless gaming experience with crisp and true-to-life visuals. The device is also packed with the latest Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 GPU that will enable you to have a glitch-free gaming experience beyond your belief. The overall storage options support up to 2 terabytes of SSD and up to 64 gigs of RAM for a smoother user experience.

6. Dell XPS 17

The 6th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is Dell XPS 17. The most potent and overall the best 17-inch laptop that you can buy in 2021.

Dell XPS 17
Dell XPS 17

If you don’t need a portable system and can make do with something static, the Dell XPS 17 is one of the best available options. Not only do you get the trust of Dell, but it also packs in all the latest features that you would need for effortless functions. The unique thing about this device is it packs a 17-inch display in a 15-inch size laptop with power. The sleek design and the durable build of the computer are also unique. The device is also powered by an up to 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor with Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 GPU for a smoother performance unlike anything else. The 17-inch touch display, along with up to one terabyte of PCIe SSD and up to 32 gigs of RAM, provides effortless productivity in a sleek and modern design. So ultimately, this is the best 17-inch laptop that you can buy in 2021.

5. Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR

The 5th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is Gigabyte Aero 17. The Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR has a gorgeous 17.3 inch 4K HDR display. A super comfortable keyboard, stable battery life, and strong overall performance are all packed into a sleek design.

Ironically, it lacks in one respect, i.e., gaming performance. It’s RTX 2070 MaxQ GPU isn’t bad per se, but it’s just slightly behind the competition. The webcam present near the bottom bezel.

Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops - Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR
Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR

However, the Aero 17 other qualities are so great that it still makes its mark as a good gaming laptop and one of the best 4K laptops. The design of Aero 17 sports is similar to its 15-inch counterpart, the Aero 15.

It comes with a black aluminium hood with a white glowing Aero logo above the centre. Below that, a glossy brush design resembles a bow releasing an arrow towards the hinge.

Also, there’s an engraved Aero logo on the hinge, accompanied by two white LEDs. Meanwhile, the interior packs of your key RGB LED keyboard, the fingerprint sensor and just above the keyboard, it has a thick triangle patterned air vent.

Like its predator, the panel sport slim bezels at the webcam placement cost on the hinge. Although it does have a privacy shutter, so don’t worry about your camera.

There’s an Ethernet port, an SD card slot, two USB 3.1 ports, a microphone, and headphone input Jack for connectivity.

4. HP Omen 17

The 4th Best Buy 17 Inch Laptop is HP Omen 17. Gaming laptops are having a moment, and HP wants a more significant role. You can get the Omen 17 gaming laptop with an RTX 2070 GPU and a 17.3-inch 1080P display with a 144-hertz refresh rate.

Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops - HP Omen 17
HP Omen 17

This new HP Omen 17 is an improvement over its predecessor in many ways. This laptop has a slimmer and more sophisticated chassis. It’s RTX graphics offer a severe performance boost, and it’s 1080P 144-hertz display gets quite bright.

Despite this, the Omen 17 has a short battery life and mostly comes with plastic chassis. It is one of the best gaming laptops available at this price. This laptop has a 144-hertz display, the Core i7 9758 CPU, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and a 256-gigabyte NVMe SSD.

Moreover, it is power-packed with one terabyte 7200 RPM hard drive and a Geforce RTX 2070 GPU with 8 gigabytes of RAM.

HP has opted for an understated black and gray color scheme with the new Omen 17. But the gaming laptop retains the aggressive lines of its predecessor. Th angled vents on the sides and rear make the Omen 17 looks like a sports car.

3. Dell Precision 7730

The 3rd Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops is Dell Precision 7730. The Dell Precision is the most powerful laptop around, regardless of price or size. This workstation has blazing fast performance and an attractive 4K display that bursts with colour.

Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops - Dell Precision 7730
Dell Precision 7730

It factors in a comfortable keyboard, premium design, and rugged build quality, and this piece, the laptop, hits almost all the right notes. It has an average battery life and poor heat management. Considering the price, Precision 7730 isn’t for everyone.

If you’re an engineer or creative and need a powerful laptop, you can go with Precision 7730. We even confidently placed it on our best workstations and best 4K laptops pages.

With premium durable materials, a carbon fiber lid, a soft-touch deck, and a metal frame, the Precision 7730 exude class. People will notice the machine for its sheer size, but its industrial black and silver design is easy on the eyes.

2. Alienware Area 51M

The 2nd Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops is Alienware Area 51M. In the expanding world of gaming laptops, the Alienware Area 51M is the king. It comes with a spacecraft booster aesthetic on the rear side and a bright RGB keyboard on its deck.

Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops -Alienware Area 51 M
Alienware Area 51 M

It is the best 17-inch gaming laptop currently available in the market. But the design of this laptop isn’t just for show. The Area 51M is fully upgradeable and even let’s replace the CPU and GPU along with RAM and storage.

Matching its brawny looks is the ridiculous power pumped out by the Area 51M’s Core i9 9900K CPU, 64 gigabytes of RAM, dual one terabyte SSDs and Nvidia RTX 2800 GB.

Of course, none of this comes cheap the Area 51M is exorbitantly priced, but there is nothing else like it on the market.

1. Asus Rog Mothership

The 1st Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops is Asus Rog Mothership. The Asus Rog Mothership is a mini all-in-one gaming PC stretching the word laptop’s very definition. All the venting and components reside in the system’s display portion by leaving the detachable keyboard to its lower side.

Best Buy 17 Inch Laptops -Asus Rog Mothership
Asus Rog Mothership

If you keep its weird looks aside, the inside of the Mothership is all gaming laptop features. It has a powerful overclockable Intel Core i9 processor with an Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU.

The Asus Rog Mothership comes with 64 gigabytes of RAM and two terabyte SSD storage. It has a beautiful display with a three millisecond response time. There is a Backlit Rog logo located in the top right corner where you would expect an exterior logo to reside.

Final Verdict

Asus Rog Mothership is the best buy 17-inch laptop. Other laptops on this list are also great. You can buy one as per your need and requirement.

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